Will McDaniel is a British puppet maker/puppeteer who works full time as a YouTuber creating disturbing, yet endearing content. He creates all of his own characters, featuring in his videos and does the puppeteering all for our enjoyment; or rather, discomfort. His videos remind me of ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’, or even ‘Creature comforts’ because of the Claymation and British comedy.  

The videos on his channel touch on sci-fi concepts like in ‘Christmas dinner for an alien’; pop culture references such as Pokémon, Mario Bros, Star Wars, etc., and disturbing visuals that make their way into most of his videos. He’s recently started posting comedic songs, alongside his other content, such as ‘My sleep paralysis demon’ and ‘My Christmas hole’ which I am currently listening to as I write this article. His content is weirder than I can accurately describe here, and with all of the gross concepts and visuals, I would recommend proceeding with caution if you decide to take a look at his videos.  

His channel started out with short Claymation video concepts, some of which are short stories and others comedic sketches- it then progressed into videos using animation and special effects. He then started to find his footing a little, incorporating more of himself in his videos through references, political jokes and beginning to stick to a specific style of effects that he did with clay or puppetry. More recently he has started incorporating more songs into his channel, developing his puppets (the detail that goes into them is insane, Will is really talented) and having running themes through his videos such as love, sci-fi and food- all of his recent videos clearly read as comedic too.  

In his Q&A from last year Will said that some of the inspirations for his art and channel were the ‘The Thing’, ‘Mighty Boosh’ and ‘Alien’. According to the same video, his first stop motion project was inspired by David Cronenberg’s movie ‘Videodrome’, the project having a video game controller come to life and splitting open to reveal blood, rib cages and a heart. So if you are a fan of that sort of content, and are in the mood for some good old fashioned indiscernible creatures and British comedy,  you should check out his channel for a smaller scale, comedic horror atmosphere; with behind the scenes content, songs and Q&A’s.

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