All monsters have special adaptations that secure their place in the food chain. A freak of nature like the Deviljho- which actively damages the ecosystem due to its immense power, uncontrollable bloodlust, and destructive tendencies- could be considered to be an ultimate monster. Without the Hunters’ intervention, it would run rampant through the New World and disrupt the natural balance. However, it’s destructive rampage is likely to be it’s downfall; if the Deviljho continually disrupts the food chain it could end up without a food source or be targeted by other apex predators. 

Safi’jiiva is another possible candidate; a grown form of Xeno’jiiva, this red dragon has refined its ability to absorb energy, it can absorb energy directly from the New World itself. This allows it to regenerate mid-battle, making it much harder to kill, and the already-harnessed Bioenergy from the crystals within the Elders Recess makes its breath attacks even more deadly. Safi’jiiva is able to manifest through vast quantities of Bioenergy much like its younger form and is an apex predator outclassing Deviljho by a long shot. However, there are still more powerful monsters… 

All Elder Dragons are uniquely enhanced and outclass other types of monsters, especially Black Dragons; their presence is unnatural in the New World, they have unexplained abilities, and little is known about their origins. It is one of these that I would consider being the ultimate monster. 

Fatalis- the Black Flame- melts Hunters and their armour into its hide, creating near-impenetrable armoured scales. The molten core in its chest reveals the source of its incredible breath attack, and its horns-which can be broken- are conduits to that power. 

Fatalis is considered to some as the lord of all monsters due to its power and intelligence- but this alone isn’t why it should be considered the ultimate monster. Something much more sinister lies in its biology… 

Armour sets for the Hunter and Palico have unique descriptions, which sill sometimes suggest ominous or supernatural effects. For instance, the Deviljo armour “bestows epic power to its wearer, at the cost for a never-ending thirst for flesh,” which really doesn’t sound fun. In a similar strain, the Fatalis armour has these descriptions: 

Dragon Head Alpha: evokes the howl of Fatalis, and reminds the wearer of its gaze. 

Dragon Hide Alpha gives its wearer terrible nightmares.  

Dragon Claws Alpha: possess the ability to make the wearer fear for their lives. 

Dragon Garbs Alpha: will kill the wearer in the end. 

Dragon Feet Alpha: the wearer is abandoned to their thirst for blood. 

How a pair of garbs is going to murder you as you go about your day is beyond me, but it sounds like something to avoid. The Lovecraftian effects of madness and death from the Fatalis armour are not unique to Monster Hunter: World; previous versions are remarkably similar with only 2 exceptions. 

 In Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate, when the Fatalis armour is forged the Blacksmith comments that it has unsettling strength. The armour also morphs to the Hunter that wears it- the arms and legs especially are more animalistic. 

A legend among Hunters is that those who don the armour is doomed to surrender to Fatalis’ influence and become a new Fatalis. As far-fetched as that may seem, the theory is backed up by the existence of the large chunk of ore (that looks suspiciously like an enormous blade) that can be found outside Pokke Village. This blade(??) seems to regenerate, as it is able to be mined daily without depleting in resources. The materials that can be obtained from mining this unusual resource deposit and can be used to create lesser versions of Fatalis armour. 

This suggests that Fatalis’ ‘influence’ is more like its regrowth- even after death, Fatalis (or a part of it) lives on and either slowly starts to rebuild itself or remains more-or-less alive in this new state. This would also explain why the armour in Monster Hunter: World increases the Hunter’s health and stamina to the max. If this is true, then we can safely say that Fatalis has become the ultimate monster as it is able to transcend death and be born again. ‘Death begets life’ has never been more fitting. 

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