Before we can say if Luke Skywalker was a good hero in the squeal films, we will need to see if Luke Skywalker was a good hero in the first films and how he compares to the new hero of the films, Rey.  

Looking at the first couple films, 4, 5, and 6, we can see that Luke Skywalker is a simple farm boy, living his day to day life as normal until he sees two droids being sold by a Jawa caravan, and from this encounter, his life is made different. From this encounter and his evident enlistment into the rebel alliance, we see a hero’s journey kind of story, which was common back when this film was made, and from this, it shows a progression through his journey from being a simple farm boy to a Jedi master.  

How do we see this journey play out with Luke Skywalker? Well, we see him at the start of his journey pretty weak, the only good thing he has going for him is that he’s a good pilot, and that’s the start of his journey, taking down the death star with little training from obi one. We then see him go into more training from there, training with master Yoda and becoming a stronger Jedi and a better fighter, but his emotions are caught the better of him and he rushes to go help his friends and fight lord Vader without finishing his training with Yoda, which leads to a confrontation with Vader, and in this confrontation, Luke, filled with anger, fights Vader and loses, and in this loses he loses his hand in the process, a learning curve if you will for Luke.  

We later see Luke go into more training in the next and last film, and from here we see him progress from a naïve and headstrong Jedi into more of a cool-headed and calm one, and then from this we see him defeat Vader in the final episode, finally beating him after 3 films, in these 3 films we see a journey unfold for Luke Skywalker and in this journey it has made him a lovable character because we see him fail and we see him have many flaws as a character, but we also get to see him overcome them flaws turning him into a character with power and deserving of said power, we can also see him being a good hero with his personality, we see human traits in his personality, being headstrong, failing and getting back up, and overall a determination which makes him a lovable character in most eyes.  

But when we see him in the new films we see a stark contrast to his original character, the once friendly and open character has now become bitter and angry, which goes against all the training he has been given, you could say that it is justified with what happened in the films, with Kylo destroying the new republic, but we see uncharacteristic in Luke Skywalker such as trying to kill a sleeping character even though he wouldn’t do that, and that’s proven with him not killing Darth Vader but letting him live, we also see him throw away his first lightsabre for a cheap laugh, but we do later on see some sort of redemption for the character, but it feels rushed and half baked.  

When we look at the other hero in the films, Rey, we can see she’s a bit of a ‘mary sue’ implying that she has zero flaws as a character and she is a master at anything she does, we can see this when she first uses a lightsabre in her first lightsabre fight, and we see that she wins against a fully trained force user, one who was trained by Luke Skywalker 

But in conclusion, is Luke Skywalker a good her (“hero” – Ellis Hughes)  in the new films? The short answer is no, due to him being starkly different than he once was in the original films, a change of character for either a cheap laugh or for the lack of character development that Rey got.  

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