With NFT’s (none-fungible token) taking the art industry by storm, it’s no surprise people want a taste. Prices for NFT’s can range anywhere from practically nothing, to millions of pounds. There’s some serious money in this weird world, and where there’s money, there’s sure to be some big businesses/ companies wanting to tip their toxic toes in.  

However, I guess they’re right when they say: ‘curiosity killed the cat’. 

As recently, video game company: Ubisoft, decided to release a trailer showcasing their own take on NFT’s. In this quick, 1 minute video, we’re introduced to something called “Digits”. Described as “playable & energy-efficient Ubisoft NFT’s”.   

Each ‘Digit’ features a unique engraved serial number, along with a ‘certificate of ownership’. As they are wearable/useable in game, other players will be able to view your ‘Digits’ and its past owners. 

The main selling point of ‘Digits’ is the ability to have “control”, meaning you can sell them and buy more whenever you like, even on ‘third party platforms’ out of the Ubisoft franchise. 

Despite all of this not sounding truly ‘that’ terrible, the players are far from pleased.  

It seems fans didn’t love the idea of fictional items with miniscule numbers on them, being brought and sold like diamonds, ruining the game and the economy around it.  

With the announcement trailer getting around 197K views on YouTube, it was quite shocking to see that more than 31,000 fuming fans hit the dislike button, leaving it just over 1,000 likes. Due to this loathsome reaction from fans, Ubisoft has now de-listed the video, but have not spoken further upon the matter. 

3 free digits will be released at launch on December 9th,12th and 15th. The release of more content drops have also been confirmed by Ubisoft for early 2022. As of yet however, it is said to only be launched in the PC version of Ghost Recon, it is unknown where these ‘Digits’ will appear next. 

… but maybe its best Ubisoft just sticks to just selling games. 

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