Borderlands 3 as well as the entirety of the Borderlands franchise are some of my favourite games ever created, the sci-fi style action-adventure RPG with humour that puts me into hysterics and, one of the things I love most about the games, it’s close attention to detail. There are hundreds of clever references to pop-culture within the series but here are my top 10 favourite Easter eggs in Borderlands 3… 

10 – Power Troopers: 

The Power Troopers are a respawnable mini-boss group which consist of 5 Elite Maliwan Troopers, these randomly spawn in Atlas HQ. The Power Troopers, not to be mistaken with the Power Rangers, include Black, Pink, Yellow, Red and Blue Trooper OR Citrine, Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire and Tourmaline. This reference I found within my first run of Borderlands 3, it being one of the first Easter eggs I ever discovered and therefore winning a place in my list of best Easter eggs in Borderlands 3.  

9 – Mother of Grogans 

The Mother of Grogans, found in the sewer system of Eden-6, is a nod to the Mother of Dragons (Daenerys Targaryen) from cult show Game of Thrones. Located more specifically in The Anvil, there is a weapon chest within an area of the sewer, upon opening this there is both a chance of receiving a legendary weapon and the appearance of Mother of Grogans, The Uncorroded, Queen of the Sewer and her ‘grogans’ Dreg, Rage and Vice. The grogans even have the same powers as the dragons within the show, fire and ice. This Easter egg sits comfortably in the number 9 spot on behalf of my parents who are crazy about the show, who didn’t even need to play through the game to be excited about this reference.  

8 – Borman Nates 

Borman Nates is a mini-boss which you can find in a COV camp, north-east of Fort Pissoff in the Meridian Outskirts, Promethea. He is a rare enemy which is a clear reference to character Norman Bates from the 1959 novel ‘Psycho’. As a huge fan of the horror genre, this reference earns a respectable 8th place in my favourite Easter eggs in Borderlands 3.  

7 – Handsome Jackie 

Handsome Jackie is a Target of Opportunity, a crew challenge given by Zero within Sanctuary. Her character is a nod to Handsome Jack, the main antagonist of Borderlands 2 and deuteragonist of the pre-sequel. There is a chance she will drop a legendary weapon by the name of ‘Jack be Nimble’. Due to my love for the Borderlands franchise and everything it has to offer, this reference I have awarded 7th place to in this list.  

6 – Tannis Rides a Fish (Again) 

On the topic of Borderlands reference previous games, there has been one reoccurring, and obscure, Easter egg which you can see in every addition of the franchise: Tannis riding a fish. Yes, you read that right. In the original Borderlands, this Easter egg is found on a secret dock in Treacher’s Landing – shoot the barrels in the correct order to reveal Tannis riding said fish. In Borderlands 2, reach Sawtooth Cauldron and, once again, shoot the barrels in the correct order – the same Easter egg is revealed. This same event occurs in Borderlands: The pre-sequel and, of course, once again in Borderlands 3. This reference was continued for 10 years throughout many additions to the franchise and we can only assume it’ll keep appearing and so, this Easter egg easily makes the list.  

5 – Demoskaggons 

Making it at number 5 on the list are the demoskaggons, a nod to the Demogorgon in Stranger Things, in which you can locate in Pandora, The Droughts. I found these within one of my first play throughs of the game and was excited by the reference as a huge fan of the show. If you were to look for this Easter egg specifically, it may take a few tries as they rarely spawn but you can receive legendary items from defeating them if you visit them late enough in the game.  

But that’s not the only Stranger Things reference you will find in Borderlands 3… 

You can also find a Dahl sub-machine gun by the name of Night Hawkin which switches between elements based on the time of in-game day you’re using it; this effect being named ‘Stranger Than Things’. These references alone were more than enough to put it in the number 5 spot.  

4 – Borderlands Pro Racer 3 

Although on the simpler side, this next Easter egg I greatly appreciated solely based on the fact its such a small hidden detail that was to bring me so much happiness: Borderlands Pro Racer 3. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s a nod to Tony Hawke’s Pro Skater. To find this, visit Sanctuary and close by the firing range you will see a screen – on the menu screen of Borderlands Pro Racer 3, you will see a snowboarding Claptrap.  


Borderlands® 3_20190913140712

3 – Road Dog 

Road Dog is a rare enemy that spawns within the centre of The Splinterlands in a COV camp, and a reference to Overwatch hero Roadhog. I can’t express my love for this Easter egg, it’s perfect in every sense. First of all, Goliaths (the type of COV enemy the model is) and Roadhog are already very similar in appearance but to give this specific enemy a health potion that works the same as Roadhog’s ‘Take a Breather’ ability… genius. As someone who has played Overwatch since its initial release AND is a diehard fan of Borderlands, it was a crossover I didn’t know I needed, and for that it belongs in my number 3 spot.  

2 – Wick and Warty 

Wick and Warty are respawnable enemies located in Lectra City, a nod to one of my favourite shows – Rick and Morty. As I’ve said before, the attention to detail in Borderlands 3 is incredible in every aspect and I was not disappointed when I stumbled across this reference for the first time in my last play through. This Easter egg perfectly captures Morty’s awkward nature, Rick and Morty’s signature voice lines, Rick’s hair and a portal gun… absolutely amazing. Due to the pure excitement I felt when I found this Easter egg, it earns its spot at number 2.  

1 – Rakkman 

And finally, my favourite Easter egg in Borderlands 3: I’m Rakkman, which is of course a reference to DC superhero Batman. The sheer amount of detail in this Easter egg alone impressed me so greatly that I had to put it in the number 1 spot. The Rakksignal can be seen in Carnivora and if you follow the light, you will reach the Rakkcave (the play on words should just prove its place at number 1 enough). In the Rakkcave, you will have to fight off several rakks before I’m Rakkman enters the Rakkcave, like Batman he does not carry a gun but has a multitude of tools to fight you with including a smoke bomb and, of course, a rakkerang. He is extremely fast, aggressive and will dive on the character repeatedly all whilst making very loud grunting sounds. His smoke bombs allow him to teleport across the map and reappear close to you to deal a devastating melee attack which destroys almost any shield. He has a large amount of health and can summon rakks to aid him in his fight. With this information alone, I shouldn’t have to explain why this Easter egg is the best Borderlands 3 has to offer.  

And that concludes my list of the top 10 Easter eggs in Borderlands 3, we can only hope these extremely detailed and clever references appear in future additions of the franchise! 

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