Written in the Eridian language, (the Eridians being an ancient race made up of presumably extinct aliens) mysterious and unintelligible glyphs have been left within the Galaxy. They are scattered around areas in almost every planet and serve as collectable items as well as lore in Borderlands 3. Upon collecting these slabs on my first few runs, I was very confused as to what the tale was trying to tell and, so, for those who also were curious to unravel the mystery of these slabs – I decided to piece these properly together and attempt to explain Nyriad’s story as well as give you the location of each writing.  

These writings are imprinted with the memories of deceased Siren, Nyriad – Nyriad was solely responsible for the eradication of the Eridians as well as the sealing of the Great Vault monster, ‘The Destroyer’. Through these writings, we are able to learn more about Sirens, their relationship with the Eridian race as well as the Eridians and the struggles they suffered in attempts to stop, or seal, ‘The Destroyer’.  

These slabs are unreadable until you are given a device upon completion of the main story quest ‘The Great Vault’ – this device goes by the name ‘The Eridian Analyser’ and allows the player to translate the Eridian language into English. Before obtaining this item, the player will react with confusion to the strange slabs.  

There are 31 writings within Borderlands 3, and upon finding all of these you will unlock the achievement ‘Tales from the Eridian Slab’. When the player scans this slab for the first time, they are rewarded with 25 Eridium, meaning a total of 775 Eridium is available to the player for completing this crew challenge.  

The story left behind by Nyriad may contain spoilers regarding the ending of Borderlands 3, so major spoiler warning ahead!  


Curiosity is the first of many Eridian slabs, although these can be found in any order. It can be discovered in The Droughts, Pandora.  

The first writing talks about how the Eridians discovered the existence of a monster by the name of The Destroyer. From what Nyriad is saying, it seems as though Sirens were already very much aware of the danger and sheer power The Destroyer holds. Suddenly, the Eridians became interested in its existence and in curiosity, began to search for it, unaware of what the creature truly is.  

“I do not know when the Eridians became aware of The Destroyer. They never spoke of a time before it. But I suspect that they went searching for it, or something like it, and for their curiosity they were rewarded with doom.” 

Names of The Destroyer: 

Names of The Destroyer is the second instalment of the story which the player, like Curiosity, can find in The Droughts, Pandora.  

Within this Eridian writing, Nyriad expresses the evil in which The Destroyer holds. It seems as though The Destroyer has lived up to its name and has brought the end to countless civilizations. The Destroyer has and will continue to live on for many more centuries – no one has lived long enough to be sure when it first came into existence.  

“The Destroyer. A practical name for an incomprehensible evil. Surely it has had millions of names more poetic or subtle. But none of the civilizations who coined them survived to pass them on, or anything else for that matter. Only the Destroyer itself knows for sure how long it has been tearing through the universe… eating its own name.” 


Gnaw is the third piece of the puzzle regarding what happened with the Eridians and can be found in Ascension Bluff, Pandora.  

Gnaw is a shorter addition to the story but vital. We learn from this Eridian slab that The Destroyer feeds upon the Galaxies – its planets, its stars and anything else that comes in its way. The Destroyer annihilates as a result of its hunger.  

“The Destroyer is ever hungry. Perhaps that is obvious when regarding a horror that gnaws on the edges of galaxies. But its appetite only grew only as it ate the stars, never stopping even to swallow.” 

Building Pandora Part 2: 

Building Pandora Part 2 is the 4th addition to the Eridian lore but seems to come before part 1, which is strange. However, this can be found in Devil’s Razor, Pandora.  

This slab seems to translate into a story about the creation of Pandora and, in a sense, why it was created. I can infer from the translation that after generations upon generations of civilizations, a safe haven was finally created; after decades of work, the impossible became possible – all whilst the planets and stars around them were being consumed.  

“The creation of Pandora took the minds of generations to assemble. It was an impossible task, the scope unthinkable, the cost of failure too great. Still, they worked diligently, even as stars in the sky above them began to wink out.” 

Building Pandora Part 1: 

Building Pandora Part 1 is the 5th part of the story and can also be found in Devil’s Razor, Pandora.  

This Eridian writing seems to suggest that The Destroyer had been captured and somehow locked away within the planet of Pandora. Although this writing seems to leave the player with a lot of questions.  

“The prison known as Pandora is the most incredible cage ever constructed. An unbreakable lock meant to hold an unceasing evil for all eternity. Even for the Eridians, whose reach could pluck stars from across the void, it was the work of centuries.” 


Lure is the 6th collectable of the Eridian slabs and can be found in The Splinterlands, Pandora.  

The lure continues the narrative of the last slab and begins to explain how such a powerful being was captured. Nyriad admits that in order to save millions of future generations, there needed to be a sacrifice. Millions of people lived on Pandora before the Destroyer’s imprisonment but no one survived after its arrival. This instalment also explains that the Destroyer is a very intelligent creature and very much aware of the fear it causes as well as who and what he is consuming. It is a creature that feels no emotion for what it destroys.  

“The momentous task of caging the Destroyer was made all the more difficult by its intelligence. It understands the beings it consumes and the culture it dissolves. To trick such a being required a great sacrifice – a lure. Millions of lives that entered Pandora ahead of its captive, tempting it further inward. I can only hope they were already dead when I closed the gate behind it.” 

Feeding – 

Feeding is the 7th writing available to be deciphered and can be found in Carnivora, Pandora.  

Within Feeding, we learn about a further sacrifice that prevents the Destroyer from breaking free. Unknowing vault hunters try to uncover the vault, only to meet their demise; they act as a sacrifice and food source for the Destroyer. Every 200 years, the Destroyer eats unsuspecting souls who arrive looking for a vault that doesn’t exist.   

“All prisoners must be fed, even the Destroyer. The Eridians devised of a feeding slot that calls wayward souls to open it every two hundred years. A cruel surprise for those that open this false vault, but in exchange the small morsel will keep the Destroyer sedate over the eons. In any case, the victims will not be in pain for long.” 

Mantle – 

Mantle is the 8th collectable Eridian writing and can be found in The Guts of Carnivora, Pandora.  

Mantle reveals that the Destroyer is in fact encaged in Pandora’s mantle which is made of solid eridium. The mantle is kept in place by the pressures and energies within the planet but if something were to disrupt this, the Destroyer would break free. Nyriad expresses her fear that great evil may try to use this to their advantage someday, just like Tyreen did.  

“Pandora’s upper mantle is made of solid Eridium. It is this shell that now holds the Destroyer tightly in its bonds. The pressures and energies at work beneath the surface of the planet are titanic in scale. If the cycle is disrupted in any way, it is entirely possible that the Eridian will force its way to the surface. I fear such a thing might attract the wrong kind of attention.” 

Warrior – 

Warrior is the 9th collectable Eridian slab and can be found in Konrad’s Hold, Pandora.  

It seems Tyreen wasn’t the first to want to free the Destroyer. Nyriad expresses that there were people who tried to attack Pandora in attempts to free the Destroyer so that their souls might be freed. However, the Eridians created The Warrior to protect Pandora – stopping anyone from doing so. The Warrior lives within a vault somewhere ready to defend, even after the Eridians became extinct.  

“Not all shared the desperate optimism of the Eridians. There were some who hoped to appease the Destroyer and save their own souls by attacking a yet-unfinished Pandora. They were met by another of the Eridian’s creations – The Warrior. Though their coup was obliterated, the Warrior now sleeps in its own Vault, ready to defend it from any who would further trespass against Pandora.” 

Key – 

Key is the 10th out of 31 slabs and can be found in the Cathedral of the Twin Gods, Pandora.  

Key, like Gnaw, is a short but significant entry to the story and describes the flaws in the Eridians plans. Whoever was unfortunate enough to be given the responsibility of chaining up the Destroyer was sure to not come out alive. Instead, the key was disguised as the moon ensuring that no one would ever release the monster, or so they thought.  

“The Eridians knew of the flaw in their design. The cost of putting the Destroyer in its chains meant there was no one left to throw away the key. All they could do was disguise it. And so, it will forever hang in the sky, a small, cold, tidally locked moon, unremarkable even to the dwellers on the surface of the planet.” 

Contained – 

Contained is the 11th Eridian slab and can be found in Destroyer’s Rift, Pandora.  

In Contained, Nyriad talks about how the Destroyer will never truly be stopped – its escape is inevitable. She seems much more pessimistic here than in other entries, reality is catching up to her.  

“What is the Destroyer? It is a mouth with an endless appetite. It is hate that never cools. It is the long shadow cast by our universe against the mouldering sun of time. It will never truly be contained. Merely made to wait until its chains slip – or are slipped for it.” 

Witch – 

Witch is the 12th Eridian slab and can be found in The Meridian Outskirts, Promethea.  

In Witch, Nyriad seems to write in a self-deprecating nature. She speaks about names she’s been called in the past, she was hated for what she is. However, something seems to have happened to have made her think just like them, once again leaving us with questions – what did she do? 

“I am a Siren. Like the Destroyer, my kind have been called many names. Oracle. Angel. Witch. Rarely are the names used kindly. I used to hate the ones who feared us, believing them ignorant. I think now, after what I have done, I better understand.” 

Braid – 

Braid is the 13th Eridian Slab and can be found in the Meridian Metroplex, Promethea.  

Braid seems to take a break from the Destroyer and begins to talk about Nyriad and her Siren sisters. Sirens tend to find each other, even after they first receive their powers. It is also said that once a Siren dies, their power is passed on to a new owner – this being something we see within the main quest for ourselves.  

The Eridian slab reads… 

“I have never known a time without my sisters. Even when one passes and a new Siren receives her markings, she always finds her way to the sisterhood. It seemed the will of the universe that Sirens be together, our lives entwined like an unseen braid.” 

Hunted – 

Hunted is the next collectible Eridian writing and can be found in Lectra City, Promethea.  

Hunted talks about the struggle in which Sirens face just for being who they are – essentially, Sirens had to learn about hiding from the outside world and protecting themselves against those who found them. Once again, moving onto a different narrative other than the Destroyer but it seems as though Nyriad can understand the monster now in a way.  

“Sirens have been hunted for as long as they have existed. Hunted out of fear, out of jealousy, out of misguided greed. The sisterhood was our way of passing down the craft of staying hidden, and staying alive when hiding was no longer an option.” 

Knotted – 

Knotted is the 15th collectible and can be found in Skywell-27, Promethea. 

Knotted continues to explain how the Siren race works. Sirens seem to be able to pass their power on when they die, they could choose to give it to another person, or prodigy to an extent, or their power can be forcefully taken from them – I assume similarly to how Tyreen and Troy leach their power from other Sirens.  

“No thread is every truly cut. It can be tied to another, whether knotted by careful fingers or tangled by chance. Every Siren must decide what will happen when their thread reaches its end.” 

Burden – 

Burden is the 16th collectible out of 31 and can discovered in Atlas HQ, Promethea.  

Burden continues on from Knotted, explaining how an individual may become a Siren in a little more detail. A dying Siren can either choose someone to pass on the power to, someone she deems worthy and if she does not make the decision her power will be released and given at random, this means that the unsuspecting soul will have no real knowledge as to how to use that power or all the enemies they have made just from becoming a Siren. A great example of both of these outcomes are with Maya/Ava and Angel. Maya passed on her gift to Ava, however, from the side quest ‘Childhood’s End’ we might be able to assume that Angel’s power had been given to her by chance from the way in which her father Handsome Jack reacts, to which she was then forced to use her Siren powers to work for Hyperion. 

 “To inherit a Siren’s gift is also to inherit her curse. This is the choice of a Siren presented with death – pass on the gift and burden someone worthy, or release it, and burden an unknown soul who has no idea that the entire universe is about to want them dead.” 

Deal – 

The deal is the next collectable Eridian slab and can be found in Neon Arterial, Promethea.  

The deal is another short entry but once again tells us a key part in the story – the Eridians managed to find Nyriad who was in hiding with her sisters, however, Nyriad realised that they were in desperate need of help; anyone that came to the Sirens in need of aid must have been in great deals of danger as its been expressed many times how much the Sirens were hated.  

“When the Eridians found me, my sisters tried to fight them off. But I stopped them. I saw what lay behind their open hands. I knew that anyone who would ask for my help was already lost.” 

Purpose – 

The purpose is the 18th part of the story and can be found in Athenas.  

Purpose describes how despite the burden of the power the Sirens hold carries, they still have no answers as to what their true power really is and why they are there – in that sense, they relate to the typical person.  

“As the Siren sisterhood, we were the keepers of many answers, but our own nature remained elusive. We never knew our origins, nor our purpose. In this way, we are still undeniably mortal.” 

Tools – 

Tools are the next collectable Eridian writing and are the first to be found in Eden-6, more specifically Floodmoor Basin. 

In Tools, Nyriad talks about the Eridians creations once again – this time what’s referred to as the Guardians. She believes they weren’t created out of selfishness and wanting to carry on their name even after their extinction but instead to protect in times of emergency. They act as tools. 

“I do not believe the Eridians intended the Guardians to be their heirs. Though they are technological marvels, they were held back from true emergence, kept in the dark to be of greater use. I wonder if they resent their creators for it. Even the sharpest knife is still a simple tool.” 

Guardians – 

Guardians is the next part in Nyriad’s story and can also be found in Floodmoor Basin, Eden-6.  

This Eridian writing tells us about the Guardians in somewhat more detail. Even after the Eridians were eradicated but they left their mark – the Guardians, however, were by far the most mysterious and unsettling. They seemed life-like but were also other worldly. They don’t understand their purpose but they follow the instructions in which were ordered by the Eridians. They aren’t the protectors the galaxy needs but the ones they have. 

“The Eridians left their mark on countless worlds, but few of their creations are as uncanny as the Guardians. They are quasi-life, a half-truth, driven by instructions they only partially understand. They are hardly the ideal custodians one would choose to guard the leashed terrors of the universe. But in their resolute imperfection, they are least mirror their creators.” 

Consciousness – 

Consciousness is the 21st piece of the puzzle and can be discovered in The Anvil, Eden-6.  

Consciousness explains Nyriad’s distrust as to why the Eridians made The Guardians so human-like, making them almost conscious. The Vaults have enough power to protect the galaxy from evil on their own. The Guardian’s only role should be to keep watch on those trying to reach the Vault, they shouldn’t need to think but to just follow orders. 

“The Vaults operate as self-contained prisons. The Guardians have no need to serve as jailkeepers, only as sentinels at the walls. Why, then, bring them so close to consciousness? What purpose has a thinking spear?” 

Free – 

Free is the 22nd Eridian writing and can be found in Jakob’s Estate, Eden-6. 

Nyriad begins to question what will happen to the Guardians once the Vaults are all inevitably opened since they have been created to protect said Vaults. Will they still stand by and wait for people to breach the Vaults despite them being empty? If they can already think as much as the Eridians designed them to, what is it that’s stopping them from finding a greater purpose? 

“What will happen, I wonder, when all the Vaults are empty, and all the terrors dead? Will the Guardians still stand their vigil? Will they find a greater purpose? And what is stopping them from finding it now?” 

Keen – 

Keen is the 23rd collectable of the 31 and can be found in Voracious Canopy, Eden-6. 

It seems that the Guardians, or at least some of them, have the consciousness to take their role as protector of the Vault seriously; they act differently from what they are programmed to and even communicate to one another. Nyriad begins to question how it is they have this newfound ability and where it is they are getting it from. 

“I suspect that some Guardians are keener than others. I have seen them acting of their own accord and even heard them speak. What spark do they have that the others lack? Was it freely given, or stolen like the fire of the gods?” 

Uncountable – 

Uncountable is one of two Eridian writings that can be found in Ambermine, Eden-6.  

We learn a little bit more about the Guardians in Uncountable, it seems as though these beings are more like souls as opposed to a synthetic body. Because of this fact, there is an uncountable number of Guardians, no one knows the true number.  

“Since the Guardians are not bound to individual bodies, it is nearly impossible to know how many the Eridians might have made. An uncountable army, hidden below the surfaces of a hundred worlds. We are fortunate that they rarely stay far from their wards.” 

Sleep – 

Sleep is the second Eridian writing discovered in Ambermine, Eden-6. 

Nyriad continues to talk about the Guardians – these creations are indestructible; their physical forms die but their souls are passed on similarly, to a Siren and her powers. These are arguably a more dangerous solution to keeping the monsters of the Vaults caged.  

“The soul of a Guardian is little more than data to be transferred from one shell to another. I have never seen where they reside if not in their physical bodies, and I suspect I never will. A soldier who cannot be killed in their sleep is a dangerous one.” 

Change – 

Change is the last Eridian slab found in Eden-6 and can be discovered in the Blackbarrel Cellars.  

Despite their creators’ extinction, the Guardians continue to grow and adapt to new enemies, making them a fearful foe to come across. Depending on the opponent, they can now lengthen their sword or strengthen their armour. They’re becoming undefeatable.  

“I have seen the Guardians change their own bodies lengthening their blades or strengthening their armour as they require. I wonder how far they might change themselves now, in the absence of their makers.” 

Erased – 

Erased is the first Eridian writing to be found in Nekrotafeyo, more specifically in Desolation’s Edge.  

This Eridian slab begins to talk about why it was the Eridians were ‘erased’. Nyriad describes them to be curious, too curious for their own good. They didn’t think about their needs and safety and instead put themselves in great deals of danger trying to uncover the mysteries of the galaxy, which might have doomed everyone else. They were the cause of their own demise.  

“The Eridians were neither gods nor demons. They were simply people whose abilities outpaced their needs, so in their curiosity broke down walls that should have stayed up. They were, perhaps, fated to be erased at their own behest, like the forest that grows so that it may burn.” 

Language – 

Language is the second Eridian writing available to find in Desolation’s Edge, Nekrotafeyo. 

It seemed as though the Eridians were the only beings to accept the Siren race, the Eridians were pleasantly surprised by the existence of the Sirens and the Sirens were upset by them as they knew their curiosity would lead to their ending.  

“We once lived side-by-side with the Eridians, though already the forgetting has begun. There was no fear of one another. Only awe on one side, and a kind of sadness on the other. They never said if they knew their fate before it fell. But they also never said any of us had a choice.” 

Side by Side – 

Side by Side is 29th collectible for Tannis’ crew challenge and can be found in Tanzendeer Ruins, Nekrotafeyo.  

Nyriad seems to be remorseful over the death of the Eridian race, she is beginning to come to terms with the fact that a whole race had been wiped out and she may be the last to ever learn their language, let alone ask them questions – may be in order to carry on their culture through generations.  

“I may be the last to ever learn the Eridian language from one of their own. I have so many questions I should have asked them while I had the chance. Like why the Eridian term for ‘home world’ also means ‘first landing’.” 

Crypt – 

Crypt is the 4th Eridian writing to be found in Nekrotafeyo, this one being in the Pyre of Stars. 

In ‘Crypt’ we finally learn how the Eridian race became extinct, Nyriad killed them. The Eridians sacrificed their lives to power a machine, to which Nyriad agreed to be one to do it. Despite it being what the Eridians wanted, Nyriad lived with great deals of guilt thinking about the fear they must have felt in their last moments.  

“It was here that I killed them. A billion lives to power a machine. Should it comfort me that they will thrum in its heart forever? Perhaps oblivion would have been kinder. It would have been for me, at least.” 

Nyriad – 

Nyriad is the 31st and final Eridian writing left to translate, found in Tannis’ lab within Sanctuary.  

In the final Eridian slab we hear what we can suggest are Nyriad’s last words. The guilt she felt in attempts to save future galaxies from the Destroyer’s wrath has brought her to an inevitable demise. She wishes to teach generations of people the story of the Eridians and their sacrifice as well as the dangers of letting the Destroyer free, hoping to teach races to avoid the Eridians’ fate.  

“You. You, who hears me, eons after my time. I have sat these words down, even as my mind fractures under the weight of what I have done. Find my words, and remember their truths in my place. For I am the one who put the Destroyer in its chains. I am the one who murdered the Eridians. I am Nyriad.”

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