Starting 2022 with a bang! Sony announces the release of their 2nd VR controller for the PlayStation, currently available for the PS5. 

On January 5th, senior vice president of the platform experience for Sony, Hideaki Nishino, announced the release of the new PSVR 2 headset, during a livestream at the Hardware Expo CES in Las Vegas, USA.  

The headset features some rather impressive features such as: 

Inside out tracking 

By using cameras within the headset, it has the capability to track you as well as the controller, without using external cameras placed around the room. 

Eye tracking & Headset feedback 

Inspired by the PS5’s DualSense controllers, Sony have added eye-tracking and headset feedback to enhance the ‘VR experience’. This makes things feel more ‘realistic’ such as things moving around you or a loud explosion in the distance. 

Haptic feedback & Adaptive triggers 

Similar to the eye-tracking and headset feedback, the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are used to make the experience seem more immersive to the player by replicating small details as accurately as possible. 

As the first game for the PSVR 2, Sony have announced a new game made specifically for this Headset, Horizon: Call of the Mountain, which is from the same series as Zero Dawn and Forbidden West. Although, not much gameplay footage of this has been shown yet, so it is still a mystery as to what this game will be like. 

While the release date and price point of this new technology is still currently being disclosed, fans are eager to get their hands on it. However, going from the price of the first VR, at around £400, it will most likely be pretty pricey.  

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