Adventure time is a show many fans grew up on but had not noticed the amount of censorship is in the show in non-American countries until they grew up. This is mainly due to social media where fans of the show will share clips of the show and others seeing these and noticing the differences between what they watched and what this person watched.  

The first time I noticed censorship was from watching a clip from the show on YouTube where the character Marceline spits on princess bubble-gum causing her to stand up in disgust and walk away but once I had watched this clip in the UK edited version of the episode I noticed there was no clip of Marceline spitting on princess bubble gum but instead princess bubble gum walks away in disgust for no reason causing this scene to not make sense which is what makes the censorship so obvious and annoying for fans of the show. But in worse cases, complete episodes are cut disrupting for the plot of the show for invested fans.  

When I had first bought the DVD’S for adventure time it was before I knew of the sheer amount of censorship the UK edited version goes through and as I was watching through them I noticed two episodes didn’t fit together, in one episode princess bubble-gum is her normal self and then the next she’s somehow a child with no explanation as to why it thought it might just be due to the strange nature of adventure time’s world but after looking into the episodes online I found out multiple episodes had been completely cut from the DVD and these episodes happened to mainly involved the Lich which is the main villain of the show and a very important character for the plot of the show and I can only assume this character is censored so much due to his gruesome features as he appears to have loose skin causing an exposed mouth, as well as the evil characteristics, maybe coming across as too dark and sinister for younger audiences. But due to entire episodes being censored causes invested fans to lose track of the show’s plot and not being able to connect to the show as American viewers can as fans will be reluctant to engage in the online fandom to avoid seeing spoilers as well as causing fans to use illegal sites to watch these missing and uncensored episodes resulting in less popularity of the show in other countries.  

This shows popularity is based off its obscure characters and worlds, unlike any other cartoon show the fans can really connect to the characters being emotionally attached to the shows world and characters using it as a temporary escape from the real world into this magical wonderland as so it’s unfortunate romantic relations between the same-sex characters princess bubble gum and Marceline was only able to be hinted at throughout the show and not able to be fully explored to do laws in less open-minded countries which the shows still needed funding from. This is a common theme throughout shows on Cartoon Network like steven universe where LGBT representation is only hinted at giving fans slight hope but having to use their own imagination for these ships that are created the most popular for adventure time being Bubbline which is princess bubble gums and Marceline’s ship name. At the beginning of the show these characters relationship was an annoyance and hate towards each other but as the show developed more of their past was revealed giving more of an explanation towards their distant relationship. I believe the ship between these characters became most popular when it was revealed by the writers that the pair had dated previously in their lives causing fans to now view this ship as canon (real). This would have probably also made the show more popular due to members of the LGBT community always wanting more representation and having the representation come from characters with in-depth storylines of their lives letting fans emotionally connect to these characters made it all the more successful and these fans dreams became reality in the last episode of adventure time where the pair finally kissed due to the show not needing funding from different countries anymore but unfortunately this scene was still cut from these countries like Turkey and the Middle East luckily for fans in these countries will still have access to the widely shared clip on social media.  

Despite the excessive censorship of Adventure Time, it is still an amazingly beautiful show fans are able to use as an escape, connection or comfort but unfortunately has much unnecessary censorship which can affect the involvement fans have with the storyline which can, fortunately, be saved with the likes of VPN’s and social media so all fans can enjoy every second of this fascinating show.

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