The Batman is an up-and-coming addition to the DC scene set to be released on the 4th of March 2022. It’s about Batman, a crime-fighting superhero, trying to protect Gotham’s people from a wide range of supervillains. It is being made by DC films and distributed by warner bros. It is a crime/action genre film, and the age rating is debated, Matt Reeves (the director) wants it to be R rated however warner bros want is PG-13.  

As said before, the film is to be directed by Matt Reeves, who is mainly known for his Planet of The Apes reboot series which has been highly praised by critics and audiences. This shows that he is a competent director with the films being very successful. 

The Batman is taking a hard left from the modern superhero movie formula. Instead, it’s taking a much darker and grim tone, similar to Seven from what I made out from the trailer. But before all that, we must discuss what is the modern superhero movie formula?  

The modern superhero movie has to family-friendly. Most of the highest-grossing superhero films (which is the point of many films. to make money) are either a 12 or 12A. This is to maximize the number of people who can see the film, resulting in more money. It also must be lighthearted, not to take itself too seriously and to add a few comedic moments. Let me be clear, these are not bad qualities, it’s just that cinema is being overcrowded with the same sort of film, pushing over great film out of the limelight. 

The batman won’t be the first to deviate. For example, the dark knight trilogy adopted a much darker tone than most other DC films and it still brought in a lot of cash. This tells us that The Batman could have a chance of being a great and successful film. However, the Trilogy was all either a 12 or 12A so that contributed a lot.  

Watchmen is another dark film, this time it is rated 18. Even though Watchmen was not widely praised. It still managed to gross 185.3 million USD from a budget of 120 million USD. So, the more adult content and darker tones are shown to still be able to be successful. 

However, all does not bode well for the film. Recently DC has been producing critical failures such as Wonder Woman 1984 and Justice League. This could impact the film’s release day gross as people may avoid going before reviews come out. Plus, if the film is terrible then no one will go and it has hardly gained any money, 

Overall, I have high hopes for The BatmanThe film will most definitely gain a profit as it’s a big blockbuster, but we will have to see if the film is actually good. 

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