For new or casual players, this might sound like a reach. But I have summarised all the evidence I could find to try and spell out the truth.

The Wizard 

“You mustn’t tell anyone… but I have reason to believe that one of the locals is actually my daughter… I could be mistaken… It’s rare, but it does happen.” What would that reason be, Rasmodius? 

The Wizard also has an ex-wife, the witch; they apparently separated due to a mistake on the Wizards part. It’s not explicitly stated what the reason was, but he has this to say about her: 

“I was married, long ago. After my wife and I split, she began flying around the countryside, cursing everything she saw. It’s not a very mature way to express one’s anger.” 

Was the ‘mistake’ cheating? The Wizard is quite old, so maybe ‘long ago’ is too long to mean that, but it’s not clear. 


“Abby’s always had a strange interest in the occult. I’m not sure where she gets it from…” I think I can guess, based off this next quote: 

“When we first moved to Pelican Town, I would take secret walks to the Wizard’s Tower. Don’t tell Pierre, he has jealousy issues. Abigail was born about a year after we moved to Pelican Town. I wonder if she’ll ever experience life outside the valley?”  

“Don’t you think Abby would look better with her natural hair colour? She used to have light chestnut-coloured hair.” This quote is the only one I could find that could potentially go against the whole theory. Pierre also has light-chestnut coloured hair, so if it is genetic, Pierre could be her biological father…. Or it is just a coincidence. 


“Does Abigail look anything like me? Don’t tell my wife, but sometimes I wonder if I’m really the father.” I wonder too, Pierre. 

And that’s that. With her unusual appearance and interest in the occult, as well as the dialogue seen above, I think it’s safe to assume Abigail really is the Wizard’s daughter. Or ConcernedApe is having a field day making players jump to conclusions. Who knows! 

By Heather Penman 

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