EAs most recent form of Sims 4 content, Kits, have left players with mixed feelings. 

Kits cost $5 in the US. Too many players, this is more than what it’s worth. Kits are ‘bite-sized’ Stuff packs, meaning they have very little content- you would expect them to be priced somewhere between $2-3. 

EAs justification for Kits are that they stop content droughts in between new Packs, that they explore ideas they couldn’t otherwise, and that it allows players to buy more specific things so that they don’t end up with unwanted content. What it feels like to some Simmers, though, is that EA is allowing low-effort add-ons to be made and sold for much more than they’re worth. 

Bust the Dust Kit could have easily fit into the Laundry Day Pack, and if players didn’t like it, they could just disable the dust option in the game’s settings. It does add a new gameplay element but offers no Build and Buy items besides vacuums, which you don’t actually need to buy. 

Country Kitchen Kit is a Build and Buy only add-on. You get country-themed kitchen appliances like a fridge, oven, counters and such. As nice as it looks, it really isn’t worth the $5. 

Throwback Fit Kit is a sizeable collection of old sports-themed CAS clothing options. Again, not worth $5. 

Kits feel like Custom Content made expensive. If you play the Sims 4 on console you might love Kits, but for those playing on PC there really isn’t much point to them unless you’re willing to pay for overpriced assets. 

So should EA continue making Kits of there’s no point to them? They definitely will because it makes money, but the decision to pay for them lies in the Sims community. 

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