SCP: Fragmented Minds is the first game in development by the small indie company HST Studios, however, don’t underestimate their small workforce of 6 – they have experience under their belt with working on games from other AAA studios such as sledgehammer and riot games. Starting production in 2019, they have a lot to show for their progress! In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about the next hottest SCP game that is sure to up the standard for all future SCP games. 

With clear inspiration from games such as Prey, Alien Isolation and Control, this story takes place on Mars Site-113, you’ll take the role of an advanced site researcher waking up from cryogenic sleep months after the events of an XK-scenario breach in which the foundation failed to contain many SCP’s including 173, 058, 3199, 966, 939, 058, 323, 149. 745, 439, 019, 098, 409, 439, 457, 525, 610 [1-3], 612, 860, 939 [1-2], 1000, 1238, 1285, 1462, 1550, 2006, as well as two ‘redacted’ SCP’s, one simply being referred to as SCP-5XXX. Unfortunately for any shy guy enthusiasts, 096 will not be included in the game due to him not bringing anything interesting to the table as stated by one of the developers. Not all of the SCP’s will be hostile either, some can be used to the player’s advantage. Throughout the chapter-based story mode, you’ll have to navigate your way around the 5 zones: The Entrance, The Hub, Aquaponics, Military Zone, and the Research and Development zone. All of which will include a plethora of new content to discover!  

With an emphasis on stealth, combat, platforming, crafting and puzzle-solving, this single-player mode introduces a lot of new and exciting mechanics that set it apart from other SCP games such as the arsenal of weaponry and equipment. Your main line of defence against the rampaging SCP’s will be; the rail gun – a powerful one-shot weapon found in the research and department zone with extremely limited ammo, the chainsaw cannon – a fan-made weapon that was accepted to be implemented into the game, a fully customisable pistol that can go from a single shot to a fully automated SMG through the use of different attachments. When things get sticky your last line of defence will be the melee weapons available: utility ax, machete, shock baton and axel. Every weapon, melee and gun will be fully customisable from colour variants (which will be given as rewards for Patreon investors and in-game progression rewards), to more practical use through modular customisation in terms of attachments and ammo types. One of such customisations that have been revealed is the flamethrower module for the machete. As well as the weapons being modular; so will the suit the player wears, it will also have different colour variants like the weapons. The equipment includes: trip mines, frag grenades, incendiary grenades and gamma-ray emitters, all of which can be found in crates along with different ammo types: FMJ, hollow point, sabot, HE and stun. There will be 3 different crate sizes with varying spawn rarity – with the smallest crate being the most common and the largest being the rarest, but with the rarest items inside. More practical equipment includes: the syringe gun (a piece of healing equipment), a welder (used to weld doors shut, open vents and repair machines), a grapple gun and turrets – these are found throughout the facility and can be hacked to work on the player’s side or destroyed for rare scrap parts. Scrapping and crafting is a mechanic used to create new weapons, equipment and upgrades. Resources can be found throughout the facility either lying around or obtained from destroying SCP’s, turrets and drones – these are then fed through a recycler machine to obtain raw resources which you then process through a fabricator to create your items. 

If you thought that was all then you’re mistaken, alongside the single-player story their studio is also planning on developing a multiplayer mode that will include classic game modes such as team deathmatch and capture the flag. Alongside this they are creating a new mode named The Hunt, MTF will be pit against SCP’s where every match is different. Starting with a planning phase for the MTF team, the main objective is to power and maintain generators that the SCP’s are actively trying to sabotage, random objectives will also be included to ensure no round is ever the same. With a predetermined set of respawns and the ability to upgrade loadouts and perks throughout the round – players are encouraged to consistently adapt how they play to ensure victory for their team. This part of the game is not in development just yet as the team have stated they want to focus on getting the main story done before moving onto multiplayer. 

Currently, it is predicted that the game will cost around 15-20 dollars with a runtime of a couple of hours, perhaps longer if you’re willing to delve into all the side content that will be available by the end of production. The team have stated they believe the rating will most likely be 17+, and will also contain multiple endings. It already has a steam page, and the team is hoping to get it released on Xbox as well – though this is just hope as of now. 

To get updates on development, make sure to follow their steam page, if you want to support their development you can donate to them through Patreon and subscribe to their Kickstarter

SCP: Pandemic 

Another SCP game in the works is SCP: Pandemic, from another indie studio by the name of Affray Interactive. The team is new to the games industry, with this being their first game which has been in development since 2019. It’s a first-person tactical FPS based around the SCP-5000 canon by Tahony. In the SCP-5000 lore, the 05 council orders the annihilation of all human life – this game’s spin on the canon is introduced through the Psi-Z program. The Psi-Z program was headed by a researcher named Erwin Koch in Area-12 and contained artificially engineered entities very similar to zombies. The 05 council released many SCP’s as part of their plan to annihilate all human life and sought to utilise the Psi-Z program in the same way; this is where the player comes into the story as part of a fireteam of SCP foundation defectors and GOC (Global Occult Coalition) whose task is to infiltrate Area-12 in hopes of shutting down the Psi-Z program, stealing some sensitive data and capturing Erwin Koch.  

The main story mode in Area-12 of the game can be played singleplayer or multiplayer with up to 8 people, also in development are four more game modes: Freerange – a PVE mode where players have to fight against hordes of SCP-3199 on a farm, Meltdown- a PvPvE mode of SCP’s vs GOC over the fate of some nuclear reactors, Unbearable – a PvE mode where players will have to fend off waves of SCP-1048’s in Mars De Champ in France, and The Leviathan – another PvE mode where players will raid an underwater facility where the foundation is trying to disturb SCP-169 in order to aid in wiping out humanity via tsunamis and earthquakes. There is the possibility of more game modes becoming available over time. Player skin models will also be customisable. 

So far the different enemy types within the game include SCP 173-B, SCP 173-C. SCP 098, Psi-V devastator, Psi-V resonator and Psi-V infector. Concept art for all of which are available on the studio’s website. The guns that are in the game currently are the Galil ace, MP5, UMP-45, G18, M9 beretta and the M24A3. The team also plan on adding melee weapons, shotguns and some long-range weapons as well in terms of weapons, some enemies they hope to incorporate into the game are aquatic threats, armed resistance, anomalies and bosses. Unreal Engine 4 is the main engine used to build the game, the team have also developed their own system called AffrayCore which is used on top of unreal engine to add more elements into the game such as the advanced lighting system: as part of this, you can turn off lights in rooms via the practical method of a switch or by simply shooting the lights, you can also switch off breakers to turn off lights for entire sections – the advantages of turning lights off is that this unlocks a very efficient stealth gameplay method as enemies don’t spot you as fast in the dark. 

December 2021 is the early access release date, which you will need to pay $20 for, and the team is hoping for a full release in 2023 with an estimated cost of $30. To support the development of the project you can support them on Kickstarter and follow their steam page to get up to date news on their progress. 

SCP: Forgotten Facility 

The least known of the bunch is called SCP: Forgotten Facility which has spent a large portion of its development being worked upon by Noah Knorr alone – however now it is being developed under the newly established studio Arcmeda by Knorr.  

Set in the 20th century, this game takes place just after World War 2 between the years 1931-43. It is a multiplayer PvP team-based horror game where you as the player fight to flee the facility. With a procedurally generated map, no two rounds will ever be the same. The site is called Area-03 and takes place in an abandoned facility located in Northern IslandSo far the team has announced a total of six playable classes. The SCP’s being one class of which there will be up to six playable entities, with 457, 352 and 1048 confirmed as of now, their task will be to attack anybody who isn’t an SCP. The facility guards and allied forces will have to fight to defend the facility from the oncoming attacks of SCP’s and enemy forces. Scientists will have to flee the facility and seek shelter alongside the allied forces. D-class are free to do as they please, flee the facility, steal SCP objects and use them to fight back against their captors or simply explore. More classes will be available to be played as in the final game. There will be a total of fifteen SCP objects contained in Area03 that will be available for use by any of the classes as well as a total of ten weapons including the MP40 and the P08, gun customisation will also be available. 

A single-player mode is planned where the player will be able to explore the lives of a class, axis forces member and an allied forces member. There will be six chapters of each storyline where the player will get to see different perspectives of people fleeing, attacking and defending the facility.  

The team is hoping to get a beta early access build out before the end of the year, to help make development speed up you can support them on Patreon and follow their steam page to get updates on their progress. 

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