When looking at the new updates that have hit Red Dead Redemption 2, we can see that it has had some bad effects on the game as itself, but what has changed and are there good things in the new updates? 

Before we can see if the updates are good or not for the game, we need to see what is in the actual updates themselves. In the first update 1.24, we saw they’re worked into the gold system, they changed how much gold you can get from the daily challenges and how long you can have a streak at once, so you would only get 0.1 gold when you would originally get 0.2 gold for the first week, so they have more than halved the gold payout. Another change that they have made is the length of which you can have a streak. Some players would have a streak that would have lasted around 200-300 days, but after this update, the longest streak you can achieve is 28 days. After that weekends, you get put back to a 1-day streak, making this a controversial change with players. The first problem would be because of the gold output (gold in Red Dead Redemption 2 is the secondary currency in the game). The nerf of gold has put an emphasis on “pay to win” since the only other way to get gold in a mass amount now would be to pay for it. The other problem players have with this update is that they would have had 200-300 day streak removed – being “heartbreaking” to some, and would make others angry when they’ve spent the better part of a year on the game getting their streaks only for the update to erase them.  

The newest update that has come out has been criticised as “another bad update”. A positive in this update is that they have added to the already existing business (the bounty hunter business) by including a few more jobs and activities to do as the bounty hunter. This has added more content to the game and potentially more enjoyment. It also adds 10 more levels to the role as well as more rewards to go along with it – but the problem that players have found is that the new roles cost around 15 gold bars, so if you want the full bounty hunter role you would need 30 gold bars. This is a problem because of the change to the gold system mentioned earlier, making the game new player unfriendly. this could damage the game’s reputation in the long run because new players might not want to spend that much money on the game even though the only way to progress is to spend money, leading players to get frustrated and stop playing it.  

With both updates being hated by the majority of long-term fans and new players, the game’s reputation could be damaged if they keep updating the game as they are now. The game’s popularity could die off because of old players leaving and new players not becoming interested. But they could turn the game around and re-store the old gold system and add more things the players are asking for. 

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