Echo sports a suite of impressive abilities, aerial mobility, and an absolutely ludicrous ultimate.

After almost four years of the game advancing, you’d think there’s nowhere left for Overwatch to go. Well, Blizzard is certainly aiming to prove all of us wrong with the arrival of hero number 32! The next hero to join the clan, Echo will likely prove to be one of the game’s most revolutionary additions, with a suite of impressive abilities, aerial mobility, and an absolutely ludicrous ultimate power move.

Our first glimpse of Echo was in the 2018 short film, “Reunion,” with McCree telling the hologram-faced AI that Overwatch was finally getting back together. Things went a little dark afterwards until the Overwatch 2 announcement in which Echo swooped in to help save Paris from Null Sector robots in a scene that, to Overwatch fans at least, rivaled Marvel’s Avengers’ “on your left” moment.

Now, like Overwatch, we’re finally in the present day, and though Echo’s roots are firmly in Overwatch’s past, it’s her future that excites us the most.

Echo is the creation of the Singaporean Dr. Mina Liao, one of the original creators of the Omnic line of robots. When the Omnics went crazy and started causing mass mayhem, the very guilty doctor saw fit to create Echo, a different kind of AI that would learn by observation in order to fill any role that Overwatch needed while out in the field. When Dr. Liao died in a tragic attack, Echo was shut away by Overwatch leadership, where she stayed until her eventual rescue.

An Assault Hero Who Can Adapt to Almost Anything

When it comes to actually charging into the battlefield and duking it out, the fundamental idea behind Echo is her skillset can adapt to several different situations. And much like Pharah who flies around or Doomfist plowing through your frontlines, she’ll be a constant source of focus for the enemy team.

We got our first taste of just how powerful Echo can be on Rialto’s payload map. With long lines of sight and plenty of vertical space, we were able to focus on Echo’s ability to vertically (and sometimes horizontally) flank the enemy team’s Reinhardt and other defenses.

Right from the start, we’re looking to apply pressure on any enemy dumb enough to stick their neck out beyond the safety of their shield tanks. While those first few yards of Rialto can be a difficult area to establish dominance on, I immediately fly up into the air and proceed to pressure a McCree on a balcony to abandon his post. With the press of a button, Echo can shoot off in one direction. What direction you go will depend on what direction you’re left stick/WASD key is pushing or if you’re jumping or not, making it a little more controlled (yet hectic) than a Pharah burst jump or Mercy flight. It’s not quite as fast as a Pharah jump, but it’s definitely more versatile, allowing you to cross a good distance, like the large canal in Rialto. Echo can also descend about as slowly as a Mercy, allowing her to maintain that aerial command for a few seconds to capitalize on the team’s forward momentum.

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