As overwatch 2 release slowly comes closer to reality the hype around the game from the loyal Fan Base is growing. As the release dawns here nearer the overwatch developers keep adding more features like there new priority queue system. Yet a good feature for high-level players, this could spell disaster in low-level games.

As the main appeal of the priority queue is to get into competitive games faster by putting yourself out for flex games to fill spots in-game and overall improve the matchmaking time for overwatches competitive game mode. In low-level games, this is bad because you want people to play who they are best at a “one-trick” character. By giving people the chance to flex roles in low-level games, you are giving less of a guarantee of them playing at there best and of course in a competitive game, this creates a bad impact on the game.

With first-hand experiencing being in the top 500 overwatch players in Europe, I found the queue times unbearable. For example, I have had enough time to watch a whole 40-minute documentary whilst waiting for a game. This is really unhealthy for the game be because it makes the effort to play the game near non-existent.

The part of the problem with this new feature is the word they used that has sent massive warning signs around the community is the word “play” games this is a concern because you would have people who don’t want to improve at the game just play the flex and lose the game fast to just get the priority queue. This would further have a negative impact beyond the obvious point if. If you are a high-level player and wait 40 minutes for a game just for someone to ruin the game and then take 40 minutes of waiting redundant.

This could be the final blow for the overwatch already toxic community or the saving grace for level players.

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