With the new introduction of the Dragon Ball official website that you can check out: here on the 9th of May 2021 otherwise known as GokuDay in Japan, there was an announcement on the new official site for a new Dragon Ball Super movie set for 2022, we are not sure about much of the new film as even the site lacks current information. What we did get was a statement from Akira Toriyama the creator of Dragon Ball himself.

In this statement from Toriyama, he states that he is heavily leading the story and dialogue for this new film. He says that he can not say much as of yet about the plot but then says an unexpected character to be in the fill quite like how Broly was in the last film. There are many theories for who the character will appear but currently, it’s not known so we won’t talk about who it could be.

He also says the visual aesthetics will be unexplored territory for the movie which leaves the fans with many questions about how the film will look and if it will be 2D drawn animation or 3D CGI is a style that will have the most questions.

We’re very exited for the new Dragon Ball Super movie in 2022 and cant wait to see the next news on this film.

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