In the late 2000’s SCP’s started popping up around the internet, as a sort of distant cousin to creepypastas such as slender man, the website for uploading new SCP’s being officially established in 2008. In the universe, the SCP Foundation is a secret organisation, working with various global governments, to Secure, Contain and Protect (SCP) various anomalies designated as SCPs. These anomalies can range from; deadly and strange creatures, objects and even people like you and me. If you still find yourself confused about the nature of the foundation, think of it as a cross between area 51 and the FBI, or a more terrifying Men in Black.  

However, the creatures found within the walls of The Foundation’s many sites are hardly the only scary thing about this fictional universe. The Foundation itself has incredibly cloudy morals. These questionable morals are illustrated in various entries, some that I will be going over today, and so I would like to pose a question. Would the world be better off, with or without the SCP Foundation and it’s work? 

5) SCP-231 Object class: Keter 

Brides of the Scarlet King 

This SCP is a group of seven pregnant women (SCP-231-1 through 7) that has, since being in the Foundation’s care, been reduced to just one: SCP-231-7. Every time one of these women gave birth, a disaster occurred and the baby was born an anomaly in itself.  

After only 24 hours of being brought to the Foundation, SCP-231-1 went into labour, giving birth to an anomaly that killed more than a hundred people due to the Foundation’s lack of knowledge or preparation. Additionally, 231-1 died whilst giving birth, the other women (sans 231-7) eventually dying as well from various causes such as self-termination. In order to prevent this from happening again, the 110-montauk procedure was implemented; this procedure has not been detailed in SCP-231’s file, all that is said is that it involves harming the women, causing severe pain and brutally injuring them. Throughout this procedure the women must be aware of what is happening to them, meaning no pain killers, no anesthesia and no amnestics. 

Due to the cruel and distressing nature of working with this SCP, staff are to be rotated on a regular basis and provided with psychological therapy. Whilst the Foundation are technically hurting this woman in order to save the world, their cold and unfeeling attitude to the 110-montauk procedure shows just how brutal the Foundation can be, prioritizing the many over the few and leaving the poor pregnant woman in a cold room to be tortured by Foundation staff. 

4) SCP-668 Object class: Keter 

The Chef’s Knife 

SCP-668 is an ordinary looking, 13 inch, chef’s knife with a wooden handle. When the Foundation first found the knife it was in a bad condition, caked in rust and blood presumably from previous uses. 

When SCP-668 is handled by anyone with the intent to harm another, it’s anomalous properties start to show. The person who is holding the knife will have their psychopathic tendencies amplified, so even if someone simply intended to use it for mugging they would most likely end up wanting to kill anyone they could get their hands on- drawing out the process and making it as painful as possible. People in the vicinity of SCP-668 when it is active will begin to feel incredibly apathetic to the situation, people have reported being grossed out by the actions of the handler and yet feeling as if it ‘isn’t their responsibility’ and ‘that they should just stay out of it’. When someone is attacked with SCP-668 everyone around them will walk by as if it wasn’t happening. The only way to stop someone who is using the knife is to utilize passive action, in the foundation’s case that meant ordering several D-class (expendable members of staff) to lay explosives in the area where the attacker was without telling them why. This meant they technically weren’t trying to stop the attacker as they didn’t know there was one; the loophole in SCP-668’s abilities meant that the foundation was able to safely secure and contain the knife.  

3) SCP-983 Object class: Safe 

The Birthday Monkey 

SCP-983 is a tarnished vintage cymbal chimp toy, the faded date on the bottom of it’s left foot suggests it was created at some point in the 1940’s by an unknown manufacturer. In its left hand there is a brass cowbell and in the right there is a brass striking rod. The monkey can vocalize and sing despite the nonexistence of a voice box and any opening or screws to disassemble it.  

In most circumstances, SCP-983 is inactive and safe to be handled, hence it’s designated object class. However, if the monkey is touched by someone on their birthday it’s anomalous effects will start to show. Once an individual has touched SCP-983 on their birthday, it will spring to life; doing a singular, mechanical, backflip and ringing it’s bell before singing: 

“A ring a ding ding,  

It’s your birthday” 

After this, it will toll it’s bell once again. The monkey will continue to repeat this song. After every verse that is sung the monkey will ring it’s bell and the individual who activated it will age by approximately a year. This will happen again and again until, either; the individual dies of old age or the sing-along requirements are met. These requirements are still not fully understood by the Foundation but it is assumed it has something to do with following along with the song in time. If these requirements are met the monkey will stop it’s singing, toll the bell once more and let out a triumphant declaration of: 


before dispensing a single piece of gumdrop candy from it’s bell. How well an individual performs during the sing-along determines the colour and side effects of eating the candy. A perfect sing-along will result in a crystal clear gumball which restores any age lost by the consumer due to SCP-983’s song. The tone and enthusiasm with which one approaches the sing-along affects the colouration of the candy that is produced, because of this and the Foundation’s continual testing, a wide variety of candies have been produced.  

If the requirements are not met, however, and the individual dies, the monkey will continue to sing until the skeleton is all that is left before, again;  doing a flip, exclaiming, “BIRTHDAY” and ringing it’s bell to produce a pitch black candy. The Foundation has declared that this candy is not to be consumed under any circumstances. 

2)SCP-1459 Object class: Safe  

The Puppy Machine 

Remember when I said at the end of number 5 that the SCP Foundation were, “cold and unfeeling”? Yeah, SCP-1459. 

SCP-1459 is a modified claw-machine arcade game, it has windows on the front and sides that allow you to see inside of the machine where there is a solid wood panel floor replacing the shoot where prizes would normally be dispensed. On the side of the arcade machine there is a bold sign declaring, ‘Win a cookie!’. When a quarter dollar coin is inserted into the slot, a claw will descend, dropping an instance of SCP-1459-1 onto the wooden panel. SCP-1459-1 instances are puppies that the machine provides from seemingly nowhere. Typically, the breed of these puppies will seem to reflect one that the player has a certain affection towards. After the claw disappears back into the machine a numerical display will appear showing the number of games that have been played before and a pre-recorded voice will urge the player to suggest a way that the puppy could be terminated. After the voice stops talking a countdown from 15 seconds will appear and the player will be allowed to detail an idea as to how SCP-1459-1 can be destroyed, the only restriction being you cannot choose something that has already been suggested in a previous game. If you offer a solution that hasn’t been said before, the machine will carry it out, spawning limbs, weapons, magic, etc out of seemingly nowhere. Example; 

“Stabbed to death” An array of knives and sharp objects will be lowered from the top of the machine by the claw arms and will proceed to puncture SCP-1459-1 until it has been terminated. 

After the puppy has been successfully destroyed a cookie will be dispensed from a slot, typically the cookie will be one that the player has a particular distaste for, for example, oatmeal and raisin. If an option is said that has previously been said by another player, an arm will descend and bludgeon the SCP-1459-1 instance until it is deceased, and no cookie will be dispensed. After every game, the chamber inside SCP-1459 will be cleaned by various other robotic hands. Whilst this is happening a pre-recorded voice message will play saying, “Yeah, you’re totally going to hell for this.” 

By executive order of the 05 council, the testing of SCP-1459 is to continue indefinitely in order to better understand the capabilities and rules of this SCP, despite there being literally no need for it.  

1)SCP-012 object class: Euclid 

A Bad Composition  

This SCP has the number one spot for various reasons; to me, it is one of the scariest SCP objects because of how gory and brutal it is, additionally it was one of the first SCP’s that I ever read. 

SCP-012 is a sheet of paper with a musical score entitled “On Mount Golgotha”, this particular page appears to be incomplete. The notes are written in red/black ink that was, after examination, revealed to be the blood of various subjects. When coming into contact with the sheet of paper, an individual will be driven insane by the incomplete music and will attempt to finish it using their own blood as ink. This usually will be done in a visceral and almost feral manner, subjects becoming psychotic, clawing and tearing at their wrists, neck etc before messily trying to finish the music. It should be noted that victims of SCP-012 do not have any lack of awareness of pain during this procedure and can feel everything. If an individual completes a section of the piece before expiring they will immediately commit suicide, declaring the piece, ‘Impossible to complete.’ Attempts to actually play the symphony have only resulted in a terrible cacophony of noise in which none of the instruments correlates with one another.  

During various tests from the foundation, it has been determined that the subject will find a way to draw blood even in extreme circumstances. In one test, a D-class member of staff had his finger and toenails taken off (and then treated) to avoid him being able to scratch or tear with nails. The subject instead proceeded to bite through his arm and, as usual, use his blood to write on the sheet. This will happen no matter what is put in place to avoid someone being able to hurt themselves; in another test the subjects nails and teeth were removed, she started striking the walls of the containment capsule holding SCP-012 until a screw was knocked loose, which she immediately used to gouge out her eyes. 

The continual testing of this simple SCP shows that the foundation has no reservations about harming its members of staff. It’s easy to see that subjects will draw blood through any means necessary, and yet the foundation refuses to cease testing. To them, using a live test subject isn’t even close to the last resort, it’s the first.  

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