Minecraft, the survival phenomenon will be releasing the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update to the public around springtime, and it has the whole community excited. Introducing new mobs, structures, ores and many more things that I must cover. The update has been in the works for a year now and only a few snapshots have been released showing the new cave systems that will be added to Minecraft. 

To start with multiple new mobs will be spawning into the Minecraft overworld, including the glow quid and the mountain goat. The glowing squid will spawn in coral biomes in the oceans and the mountain goat will be spawning in the latest reworked mountain biomes. The goats have been designed so that they can jump up multiple blocks and they don’t take as much fall damage compared to other mobs.  The Glow squid light up underwater and it has been rumoured that you can keep the Glow squid in a water bucket just like other fish. 

Whilst they have talked about adding new mobs, they have also mentioned the addition of new Caves and Cliffs, hence the update name. The developers have released a snapshot showing off the new Caves and Mountain structures being added to Minecraft in the Spring. Two new types of caves are being added, the first one is called a Cheese cave because it has the structure of a swiss cheese slice, with many holes and areas to explore. In these new caves a new block is being added, the Amethyst Bud. This can be found at the lower points of cave systems. Then can be used to craft spyglasses and give aesthetic to builds. 

This update is set to be one of the biggest yet, giving the game a new look and feel to the game whilst also keeping the game the well-known survival that it is today. 

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