Have you ever wanted to make yourself and your friends go on a magical RPG adventure game? Then Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch looks like the game for you.  In this RPG adventure game, you can create your own Mii and choose other Mii’s to go on this adventure with you that be it your friends, family, your celebrity crush, or even your favorite video game character. The sky is the limit when it comes to Miitopia, Miitopia is a port of a 3DS game from back in the 8th of December 2016. The 3DS version was quite well received from fans and had a very decent review score from critics. 

In the port of Miitopia was announced back in February this year has recently released a Demo of the game on the Nintendo E-shop. The game seems to be an upscaled port with a higher polygon count and higher resolution textures. There have also added some customizability features such as make-up as an option which really has added to the make anyone in you want in the game, they have also added a Wig feature making room for some crazy design. They have also decided to add a 5th addition to the team you have in the game which is a horse that you can also customize and use in battle. 

Miitopia is a game where a formidable foe called the dark lord steals the faces of innocent people making them lifeless husks and uses their faces to create evil enemies you fight in the game to reclaim their souls and faces back to their body. The game realizes on gaining a relationship with your teammates and the character you control, they can also have the chance to gain a close bond with one another or straight out hate them, the game is dependent on every character’s personality as well as the time they spend together. In the game, there is an abundance of classes to choose from ranging from the classic Warrior and Mage to even strange ones like PopStar or a literal tank. 

Miitopia will be released on the Nintendo switch on May 21st 2021.

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