Disney has decided to remove/put warnings before films start like quite a few old animation movies due to racist or stereotype representation in their films. 

Disney was originally founded in 1923, by brothers Walt and Roy O Disney. Because the company was founded in an age where there was quite a bit of ignorance there is bound to be quite a bit of outdated racist and stereotyped characters in their films but what is very surprising is how long it took for them to either remove these characters or even acknowledge their problematic films.  

Peter pan was released in 1953. The film takes place on this magical island called neverland, with pirates, mermaids, fairies, and a Native American tribe. The representation of the tribe is animated in an unflattering stereotypical way, and know that people are more aware and educated, it can make it quite uncomfortable to watch. The characters are animated with red skin and are depicted talking with overly stereotypical hand gestures and having a really over-the-top accent. This is very harmful and untrue stereotypes that still affect Native Americans to this day. 

Dumbo was released in 1941. the film follows the story of a baby elephant with big ears and his story of finding his mom. In the film, he meets a flock of crows that are meant to help him. The main Crow was called ’Jim Crow’ has a very heavy southern black vernacular which is a dangerous stereotype to be teaching children and which is unnecessary and wouldn’t make any difference if ’Jim Crow’ didn’t have this accent. The fact that the actor who voiced Jim Crow was a white man makes it quite offensive too.  

Aristocats was released in 1970. The film follows a group of city cats who get abandoned in the rural countryside and their journey back home. During this journey, they meet up with this other group of AlleyCats and this is where we see a Siamese cat who is depicted with an Asian accent and is playing piano with chopsticks which is yet again placing a minority in a box that isn’t flattering. 

Lady and the tramp had the same problem with their two Siamese cats taunting Lady. They were made to be these horrible and devious cats. 

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