Have you noticed that space marines have gotten a lot bigger lately? I am not talking about that Primaris Lieutenant, I mean a lot, LOT bigger. Like Bandai bigger. So, let us explain in our latest venture into the universe of Warhammer 40K that sees us crashing from the Sea of Souls, our ships shuddering and shivering as it collides back with reality.     

Warhammer 40K is a miniature wargame based around multiple factions fighting each other in a never-ending war. Their most iconic faction, the Space Marines, are both symbolic of the brutal life within the Grim Darkness and are generally awesome. Behind these intricate models are their stories, tales of the very universe being torn asunder, of survival against all odds, and the fighting against the ever-approaching darkness.  

While Warhammer is best known for its models and books, it has recently started to branch out. Collaborations have been teased and shown to be in the works, showing a whole new, exciting side to such an iconic universe.  

So, without further delay, let’s dive back into The Warp and see what the Architect of Fate has in store for us.   

Universes Beyond  

In terms of collectible card games, Magic: The Gathering is one of the most renowned and interesting, allowing players to conjure creatures, summon arcane magic and defeat their enemy legendary style.  

Hence, would it surprise you to know they are collaborating with Warhammer? Well, it’s true! Universes Beyond, a new premium card set for Magic, brings us several of the biggest storytelling brands (not just Warhammer) teaming up to bring their universes into card form – allowing you to play them in a dynamic format.  

 Universes Beyond will allow Warhammer 40K fans to command factions in a whole new way, from the unrelenting might of the Imperium to the cunning alien’s species and the brutal forces of Chaos. In addition, the cards will bear new art, displaying the valiant heroes and malignant villains of Grim’s Dark universe.  

As of yet, it is unknown if you can use the different universe’s factions against each other. Though, the battle of Darth Vader vs Abaddon the Despoiler would be pretty cool.  

Warhammer 40K: Marneus Calgar  

Another of Warhammer’s most recent collaborations sees them teaming up with Marvel Comics in bringing the most venerable army of space marines, The Ultramarines, to life in an incredibly detailed comic series focusing on their Chapter Master, Marneus Calgar.  

Part of the team creating this epic comic series is Jacen Burrows, a renowned comic book artist best known for his work in Marvel Comics and Avatar Press, and Kieron Gillen, a brilliant comic book writer who has worked on several projects for Marvel such as Eternals, Uncanny X-Men, Young Avengers, and Journey into Mystery, as well as his own comics The Wicked + The Divine and Phonogram.   

Other notable artists working on the comic are Clayton Crain, comic book artist best known for work on Marvel’s Carnage, Ghost Rider, and X – Force, and colorist Java Tartaglia, who has worked on several projects from Marvel to Star Wars.   

All in all, this comic seems to be set for a good start. We won’t spoil any of the plots, but let’s just say it captures the whole “Grim Dark” of the 41st Millennium of Warhammer well.  

Sisters of Battle  

While Calgary is the first comic within this collaboration, it is not the last. Hence comes the conspicuously titled comic Sisters of Battle. As the title suggests, the comic revolves around a squad of the Adepta Sororitas (also known as Sisters of Battle) deploying to the planet Sisca. While there they will be stopping heretical uprisings and retrieving a lost acolyte of the Inquisition.   

Naturally, the squad’s mission doesn’t go smoothly. Not only do they have to deal with the forces of Chaos on Sisca, but also some mysterious force is haunting the world.  

The team behind this latest comic is Torunn Grønbekk, a distinguished writer best known for Marvel Comic’s series The Mighty Valkyries, Return of the Valkyries, and Valkyrie: Jane Foster. Alongside Grønbekk is the comic book artist Edgar Salazar, who has worked as a penciler for Marvel’s Uncanny X – Men, several of DC’s Deathstroke volume 2 comics, and Dark Horse’s Stranger Things.  

The comic seems set to be an action-packed adventure whilst expanding upon the other armies of the Imperium besides the iconic forces of the Space Marines.  

The Bandai Space Marines and McFarlane Collection  

Now, Bandai is a well – known company. From video games to toy maker to plastic model kits, Bandai has done it all.  

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’ve now teamed up with Games Workshop. The current range of the models represents some of the most renowned loyalist chapters of the space marines such as The Ultramarines, The Salamanders, Imperial Fists, and the White Scars in all their glory.   

One of the key benefits of this is that the new figurines are so much bigger and tougher than their miniature counterparts, excellent to represent your favorite chapters in stunning detail.  

The joints of the figurines are incredibly articulated, allowing them to be posed mid-battle, charging an enemy, or getting ready to shoot from afar. The actual finish for the space marines is typically plastic, apart from certain sections such as a gold Aquila or the shoulder markings. This range of textures and effects really stands out, especially with the strong color of the models.  

But these are not the only figurines for the 41st Millennium coming up.  

McFarlane is known for their highly detailed, intricate figures of characters across the Sci-Fi universes, they too have started a collaboration with Games Workshop.   

Founded by comic book creator Todd McFarlane, best known for his work on The Amazing Spiderman and Spawn comic book series, McFarlane Toys is a subsidiary of the wider Todd McFarlane Productions which operates as a publishing studio.  

 With Games Workshop branching into several new collaborations, it’s exciting to see the two working alongside each other to create such detailed figurines, especially with such a wide range already available.   

Currently in service to the Imperium are a Primaris Ultramarine Assault Intercessor Sergeant (aka total badass), armed with his trusty chainsword and bolt pistol, a Primaris Blood Angels Hellblaster with the iconic Plasma gun (think bloodthirsty badass), and an Adepta Sororitas Battle Sister with a bolt gun and chain sword (a badass warrior nun). If you prefer a more insidious creation, the Necron Warrior (Soulless badass Robot) is for you. Armed with a gauss flayer and canoptek scarab.  

And that’s not all! Up for pre-order currently is a Blood Angels Primaris Lieutenant with a power sword and plasma pistol. In addition, say your favorite chapter wasn’t present here but you still wanted the figures, there is always the Artist Proof version. Clad in the classic matt grey of unpainted models, these figurines allow you to paint them however you want. Even better, there’s an Artist Proof version of all the figurines mentioned before, allowing you even more possibilities.  

The Funko Pop Squad  

Continuing on the topic of figurines leads us to the iconic company Funko Pop, which has gained a large following with their small vinyl models capturing various characters from pop culture, including (you’ve guessed it) Warhammer space marines.  

Working alongside Funko to bring these epic models to life is the artist Sarah Kaiser, best known for her creation of the electronically glowing plasma gun prop. Kaiser has worked on several designs for the models, experimenting between the classic Warhammer look and the style of Funko Pops. Funko has also helped with feedback on the designs as well as advice on how to create vinyl miniatures. This collaboration has brought us forth four fighting space marines.  

The four-space marines represent the renowned chapters of the Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Ultramarines, and Blood Angels. The Dark Angel’s Funko is armed with his trusty power sword and combat shield whilst also bearing the classic cream robes of their company veterans. A nice detail is that it also has a bionic eye beneath his hood, giving him a unique appearance.   

For the Space Wolves, the iconic “Vikings in Space”, the aesthetic has been captured in detail from the wild mane of hair to the curved power axe and also the wolf’s pelt adorning his backpack. He also comes with a bolt gun, one of Warhammer’s most iconic weapons.  

In a more battle-ready pose is The Ultramarine, with a bolt gun gripped in both hands. Compared to the other Funkos, this one is a little plain but still has its own charm. Typical Ultramarine conformity to uniform regulations.    

Lastly is the Blood Angel, wielding a chain sword and an inferno pistol. Said pistol is another nice feature, as only the Blood Angels have access to it in the game. Though, the most defining part of this Funko is the jump pack, as this is an apt nod to the chapter’s preference for ariel assault and makes it stand out. It’s huge compared to the rest of the figurines.  

All in all, these mighty marines are definitely ready for battle.  

So, with all these new ranges of experiencing the Warhammer universe, has it caught your interest?

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