Don’t Look Up is a 2021 release film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence as the main duo with a rich supporting cast including Cate Blanchett and, Ariana Grande. It was directed by the guy who did The Big Short, Vice and Will Ferrell movies, Adam McKay..

It’s good. I enjoyed it. I was entertained. Sure, at times. Maybe I’ll rewatch it. Perhaps in the future. No. Maybe. I suppose so. I had somewhat high hopes going into this flick. I thought it would be like The Big Short where there was an underlining tragedy to the film. I think the reason I got this from the last film was because it was a true story and tragic how these people actually took advantage of such a terrible situation.

I believe I didn’t get this from Don’t Look Up because it’s not based on true events. The characters and situations are just too unreasonable to relate them to the modern day. I understand that it is a satire, and satire exaggerates things, but I think it was too much in this film which meant the message was lost for me.

A small rant. I hate the shallow focus, handheld camera style. Movies like Army of Dead really agitated me because of how close the camera was and how focused it was on the subject. However, this was only the case for the opening scenes of the film, where I struggled to follow the scene at points and track where people were. A major frustration for me.

A positive were the performances. With a star-studded cast like this, you’re bound to be entertained by at least one. For me it was of course Leonardo DiCaprio. I think his acting was fantastic but also his character. I found it incredibly entertaining how out of his depth he was. He was such a helpless fish in a room full of sharks, and I loved that.

A short anecdote for you all now. I was casually scrolling through my social media when I stumbled upon something. It was a review of the movie from someone, and he was talking so highly of it and did further research into what other people thought. The film had a real impact on him. That’s what I believe every film should do, it should impact the viewer.

This is not a perfect film. But it’s not a terrible one either. Everything about this film is balancing on a dam. On one side there is water, on the other is rock. It could very easily have been great or a dud. However, I think this could quite possibly become a future cult classic.

I believe we’ll look back at this decade and see how absurd it all was. I think this film could capture that and allow us a glimpse back to what it was like. Anyway, it’s alright, but I don’t mind if you don’t want to watch it.

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