The show is based on the books written by Julia Quinn. It is a witty, saucy and scandalous period drama that has captured everyone’s attention – causing a frenzy all over social media.  

The first season follows Daphne Bridgerton’s journey of being the season’s diamond, which is a series of events like balls, dances and luncheons, that last the whole season. The purpose of a season is for upper-class young ladies to be presented to many suitors in hopes of finding a husband. The seasons diamond is chosen by the Queen herself as the worthiest lady of the season. There is also mysterious writer who seems to know everyone’s business who influences our two main characters, Daphne and The Duke’s actions. There also quite a few saucy scenes which is something that we have not really seen too much of in romantic period dramas, therefore I do not recommend watching this with your parents to spare you the embarrassment.  

This first season is based on Quinn’s book ‘The duke and I’, each of her books follows a specific Bridgerton member, meaning the second season is going to be following Anthony Bridgerton. Filming will begin in spring of 2021.  

The script is written by the amazing Shonda Rhimes, who created Grey’s anatomy, one of the most successful and long-running Tv series. With her writing and producing the show, we are sure to know that we will not be disappointed. 

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