SEGA won’t make a new JetSetRadio game so the brainiacs at Team Reptile will! 

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a spiritual successor to the JetSetRadio franchise that is created by SEGA, the game of JetSetRadio is a graffiti-based rollerblading parkour game that tasks the player to complete a series of graffiti tasks to take over the graffiti scene in the current city you are trying to take over. With rival gangs trying to compete against you while the police also are trying to stop you from committing those crimes of vandalism. 

The folks at Team Reptile are trying to replicate the same style, theme, and aesthetic of the JetSetRadio games. It is apparent that Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is already looking like a promise with marking off all the ticks on the checklist. You could look at an image of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk and easily mistake it for JetSetRadio and the fact that the fan base for the series has been dying for a new game has just made the promise of this spiritual successor being a success. 

Team Reptile has nailed the cel-shading looking of the JetSetRadio games even before Bomb Rush Cyberfunk with the remake of their first game Lethal League Blaze which is a volleyball fighting-like game with the same style and flair as Bomb Rush Cyberfunk and JetSetRadio. The guys at Team Reptile seem to be big fans of the JetSetRadio games, they have shown how great they are at making sure a game is well made and polished so it seems like they would have been the best choice for the job even more than SEGA themselves as they seem to even rarely acknowledge JetSetRadio anymore as well as a lot of their other older franchises. 

Team Reptile has gone so far to create this spiritual successor to JetSetRadio they even have hired one of the most infamous composures of the JetSetRadio games, Hideki Naganuma, who gave the games their iconic music soundtracks and have even worked with Hideki even with their Lethal League Blaze game composing one of the songs for that game. 

As of this point, the game seems to be a promise as many fans have high hopes for this game and hopefully will bring more people into this franchise and Team Reptile as they’re an amazing studio who will rekindle what SEGA lost with JetSetRadio. 

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