The game development studio “Antimatter Games” known for their involvement with the development of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, have been teasing a new multiplayer, military shooter based on a fictional alternative scenario where the cold war goes hot causing a new global conflict between the world powers. 

In a video by Antimatter shown on ‘83’s website they discuss their reasoning for basing their new game during the year 1983, where they explain they wanted to focus mainly on the story of Lt Col Stanislav Petrov, a man who held the decision whether to retaliate against incoming enemy nuclear armament which was picked up on the monitor. Luckily for humanity, Petrov would notice that the threat seemed off and wasn’t in fact an American attack but was instead a technical glitch. In ’83 this reality never happened and both NATO and the Warsaw Pact equally exchange Nuclear Armageddon through the help of the historical national defence system “Strategic Defence Initiative” or its nickname “Star Wars Program”, overall the 1980’s was a very dangerous and tense time for the world, this not being helped by Ronald Reagan’s presidency and Yuri Andropov’s newly elected leadership where both leaders maintained an aggressive approach to foreign policy. Antimatter also explained their reasoning for choosing the Cold War, one reason was that they wanted to make something “new” as the Cold War isn’t as popular in video games compared to actual conflicts such as the Second Word War and Vietnam. Another reason was that a Cold War shooter would open up a lot of possibilities as during those decades many different military operations were carried out giving Antimatter a great deal of content to choose from and be inspired by. Overall Antimatter explain that they want to keep to the aspects that made their previous titles so great and loved by their fans, while also being able to explore new ground while still maintaining their passion for history and historical authenticity. 

The game has a main announcement trailer posted on both its steam page and its website, the trailer shows off cinematics and real life news footage while being combined with the fast pace editing, retro-wave music and political background narration effectively gives off an 80’s aesthetic and overall entertaining and informative trailer. We are also given a glimpse into the different militaries that will be present in the game, and the weapons/uniforms that are associated with these militaries during the 1980’s. One of these I am personally looking forward to playing is the British Armed Forces as games that include a playable 1980’s British Army are very scarce. As ‘83 will follow in the gameplay footsteps of Antimatters previous title “Rising Storm 2: Vietnam”, fans who have played Vietnam will have a good idea on what to expect, massive multiplayer battles with a range of different vehicles and classes to choose from, all giving the player an expandable freedom in tactical gameplay. 

As of the 22/04/2021, no further news has come to light for ’83 in terms of its release date, with its Steam page displaying the status “Planned Release Date: Coming Soon”, perhaps ’83 might get released sometime in 2021 or perhaps later in 2022. Regardless Antimatter’s ’83 from what we have seen so far looks promising and positive and hopefully its development continues to be successful. 

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