A ragtag group of orphans are hired by John Waston to find babies that have been going missing as they are street smart, and the people will not talk to the police.  

While they are trying to find these missing babies, they stumble upon the supernatural world and John Watson continues to hire them to help solve these paranormal cases.  

When solving these crimes, they find out that there is a rip in between the world of the living and the undead, which is letting out evil powers which are corrupting people, causing all these crimes. 

We have a group of 5 people who each experience quite different things while trying to solve these crimes and survive in rural London. 

The two sisters Jess and Beatrice who are trying to figure out what happened to their mother and why Jess is having these nightmares and visions, learn that their lives have been tied to this world since they were born. We also have Billy, who is struggling with finding who his parents are and contemplates whether he is enough. Next, our charming but quite naïve Leo is trying to experience life outside his sheltered and stifling home life. Then we have poor ole Spike who is just trying to keep his friends together and alive. 

We also get to see the infamous Sherlock Holmes, we learn why the rip has opened, that this is not the first time it has been opened and how they can close it. 

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