Greek Chronicles latest venture takes us into an infected city, monsters lurking in the dark, screams filling the air and the unmistakable tear of human flesh by sickened maws. Is survival an option? 

With the undead horde closing in, Netflix seems to be joining in with the Zombie – fever, with what looks to be two promising series based around Capcom’s hit Horror Game, “Resident Evil”.  

While previous adaptions of the series have been less than satisfactory for audiences, there is a sliver of hope, as Netflix has shown to effectively create many successful series such as The Witcher”. In addition, it seems the main influences for the series will be from the classic game of Resident Evil 2”. 

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Resident Evil is a classic Survival Horror and Action video game series that revolves around multiple characters trying to survive the malevolent organisation Umbrella” and its array of deadly Bioweapons and contagious viruses, most notably the horrific yet significant T-Virus” that turns your average, everyday citizen into a slavering, decomposing brain biter. 

In addition to the Zombies are other Bioweapons, such as the almost unstoppable juggernaut of The Tyrants, the reptilian beasts of The Hunters and the utterly repulsive quadrupeds of The Lickers. The Horror never ends!  

While Netflix has had large amounts of success with “The Witcher”, making a Resident Evil series will be considerably harder, as other attempts to bring the memorable game to other digital media has caused it to lose its sense of horror, reverting it to a cheesy action film that strays from all principles of its origin. 

The first series, currently titled “Resident Evil”, focuses on an original adaption revolving around sisters Jade and Billie Wesker, their journey to New Racoon City and the darkness that awaits them.  

The series will be split into two timelines. The first will follow the sister duo as they uncover their father’s dark secrets following their move to the city. As the second name suggests, their father is the series long – time antagonist Albert Wesker, former S.T.A.R.S. Captain and Umbrella Researcher.  

The second timeline will focus on a now 30-year-old Jade surviving in the city where twisted nightmares lurk in every shadowed corner. Only 15 million humans remain in this timeline, with the rest of Earth’s inhabitants succumbing to ravaging effects of the T – Virus. 

In addition to this, it has been confirmed that Andrew Dabb (most notable for his work in the TV series Supernatural) will serve as the series writer and executive producer while Bronwen Hughes (known for her work in TV series The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad) will be directing the first two episodes. 

When the announcement of Resident Evil being delayed due to the Corona Virus happened, it was also revealed that Johannes Roberts will also be directing and Oliver Berben producing the series. Resident Evil is set to be a full live action series consisting of eight episodes that will premiere on Netflix, just the right amount to sink our teeth into. 

We at Geek Chronicles are excited by the prospect of the new series, even if it’s not fully compliant to the lore. The new introduction to the characters of Jade and Billie Wesker is sure to be interesting. Especially with how this will link to the rest of the Resident Evil Universe, even if it’s an original adaption, seeing as Wesker has had other children such as Alex Wesker and Jake Muller. Though, sadly, there is yet to be a trailer or a release date for the series 

The second series that’s caught our decaying eye is “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness”. A full CGI series that was originally revealed from a Tweet by Netflix Portugal before being deleted and, subsequently, being officially revealed at Tokyo Game Show shortly after. The series will follow protagonists Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy, as they strive to survive Umbrella’s twisted abominations in all its gruesome glory.  

With both Capcom and Netflix confirming the series, it was only natural for a teaser trailer to be released for it and we were not disappointed. While only short, it does show us that it will be very similar to the Resident Evil 2 Remake’s graphics, giving a sense of purpose and continuity for fans of the Remake. 

With all these series being teased and suggested, has it caught your eye? Or has the zombie phenomenon run its course already? Well, it certainly caught our eye (and we were even lucky enough to keep them in the process). 

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