This Greek Chronicles latest venture into the world of horror action game culture starts with us hurling down dark, bloodstained corridors. Primal screeches and the clatter of sharp, curved claws scraping the floor behind us until, finally, sharp pain blossoms as the jaws clamp down. The screen blaring red as Game Over appears and we know, there was a crisis with the dinosaurs. 

Is this an old legend rising from its grave? Capcom’s 1999 survival horror and action adventure game Dino Crisis is being remade for PC by Team Arklays, fans of the series, instead of its original creators Capcom, even though Capcom have recently filed a new trademark for the game. 

Dino Crisis was developed by Capcom’s Resident Evil team, including the director Shinji Mikami. The game has similar themes to Resident Evil, in the survival elements, the camera angles and horror themes. The game was a commercial success, selling 300,00 units during its debut week in Japan. 

The game was centred around Special Operations Agent Regina, the games protagonist, with a team to infiltrate a research station and facilities on a secluded island. When arriving, they find the facilities overrun with dinosaurs, which the player must fight to survive and hopefully, escape the island. 

The Fans have been asking for either a remaster, remake or a sequel to the franchise, which has been receiving either rumours or unencouraging feedback from Capcom up until Team Arklay came on the scene. 

In 2017, Masachika Kawata, a long-time running Capcom employee, stated that they ’weren’t aware of any internal plans to revive the franchise. 

In addition, in 2018, an interview with Resident Evil 2 remake’s producer Tsuyoshi Kanda and director Kazunori Kadoi were asked about the idea of a Dino Crisis remake. Both “laughed” twice at the prospect of a remake, leaving fans of the series disappointed. Well, us at Geek Chronicles can see a growing appetite for a remake, tooth, claw and all. 

Starting with some of its most dedicated fans, enter Team Arklays, a group of modders (someone who makes modifications and unofficial add-ons to pre-existing games that add new items, mechanics and appearances) that are fans of the series, using Unreal Engine 4 to remake the game, re-igniting hope for many of the fans. Already Team Arklays have stated that they are 40% completed with remaking the game, a surprising, but welcome revelation that hints at a bright, scaly future for the series. 

However, with this development also came the news that Capcom had purchased the Dino Crisis trademark, alongside other titles such as Vampires (Darkstalkers), Power Stone and Rocket Man (Mega Man). Interestingly, Capcom hasn’t sent a Cease and Desist letter to Team Arklays, thus allowing them to continue their work on remaking the game. 

In addition, with Capcom now purchasing the trademark, this opens the possibility of Capcom remaking Dino Crisis, though this isn’t as promising as it sounds on its own, as Capcom has bought Dino Crisis’s trademark before back in 2000 and they wasted that opportunity. However, with the presence of Team Arklays, this could be enough to finally convince Capcom to give fans the Dino Crisis remake they want. 

Have we caught your interest?  

It’s certainly has caught ours. Slinking back into the shadows with its blood-soaked jaws held high in triumph, Dino Crisis stalks back into the dark, leaving us with an uncertain, but hopeful, future. 

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